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Lifelong Career

Are you looking for a career change or start?

Many of our caregivers remain with us for years. They find the job gives them meaning being able to take care of another person in their time of need.

Fulfilling Work

Would you like a rewarding job that provides a sense of accomplishment, joy and gratification?

For many of our patients, any given day could very well be their last. Being a caregiver is more than just assisting with medication and errands, but really being a system of support for someone at a very critical and vulnerable point in their lives.

Competitive Salary

At First Choice, we offer a very comprehensive compensation package to all of our caregivers which includes a base hourly rate, health benefits, and clear career-progression opportunities.

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Being a Caregiver

No matter what age, post-surgery routines often dictate the success of the surgery and require some form of rehabilitation. Very often in older adults, this means short-term inpatient stays in skilled nursing facilities or a nursing home. Of course, being in a different environment away from one’s home is not necessarily the best road to recovery.


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Are you looking for a sense of accomplishment, joy and gratification? Are you a caregiver overwhelmed with too many patients at once? Would you rather spend time building relationships with your clients instead of rushing between patients? If you love to work with people and have a history as a caregiver, you can become an First Choice caregiver!


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